At Velo Times we help companies implement a holistic approach to sustainable business travel.

To do this, we have created a range of electric bike (e-bike) transportation solutions, along with consultancy advice on sustainable travel through to our extensive aftercare service.

Cargo Electric Bike Business Fleet

Implement Electric Bikes into your vehicle fleet to save money, time and health of your team and build greener image

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POOL Electric Bike Scheme

Choose a green transport solution that won't only save you money but will help your company operate more efficiently

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Electric Bike to Work Scheme

Offer your employees a Green Commute Initiative scheme to let them forget the frustration and congestion and enjoy their E-cycle to work.

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Cycle To Work Scheme

Cyclescheme enables your employees to get bikes and accessories tax-free, saving on average about half the cost.

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Innovation in business travel

These easy to use and carbon neutral vehicles have a host of benefits. Whether your employees are hopping from client to client, working off sight, visiting different premises or needing a fast and efficient delivery solution. Velo Times for Business is Manchester based e-bike sales and support company offering your business a transport solution that won't only save you money but will help your company operate more efficiently.


Cargo Electric Bike Fleet Pilot Programme

Our Cargo Electric Bike Fleet Pilot Programme sets the standard within the electric bike fleet industry.
If you want to optimise your company's operations (this could be for delivery of products and services or for your employees to use for off-site visits and meetings), this programme is for you.

Electric Bike Test Ride Programme

We designed this Test Ride Programme to help your employees to make significant improvements to the way they travel. Whether this be for commuting or for off site appointments and meetings, our electric bikes have many advantages to explore. To help your employee understand their many benefits we can arrange 48hr FREE test ride at our Electric Bike Centre. In addition to this we will be happy to organise E-Bike Introduction Day at your companies premises, this will aim to inform your employees of an alternative and efficient way to travel.


Velo Times Aftercare

 At Velo Times, we both supply and cater for your fleet of E-Bikes. We offer regular, quality, and certified maintenance. We save time and money for you by taking care of your E-Bike fleet. Find out more...



Green Travel Plan and CSR

For companies that see Green Travel Plan and CSR as an opportunity to strengthen the business, the big challenge is execution. Velo Times for Business can provide a practical way forward. Find out more...

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Businesses that inspire...


At the chemicals manufacturer BASF in Ludwigshafen, the exchange of scooters against pedelecs started in early 2013, now over  1500 employees use E-Bikes as their transport to work 



At the REHAU company headquarters in Oberfränkisch, around 2000 employees using E-Bikes instead of company cars .




BSO Struin is a childcare center in the city of Nijmegen. With an electric groupbike, children are brought from school to the childcare center and taken to excursions. The e-cargobikes (for children) contribute the their philosophy of sustainable transport and improves the organisation’s image.